Tattoo removal at home – my history (2021).

bad tattoo removal

Tattoo removal. A tattoo is a life-long decision that should not be taken too lightly or at a too young age. The decision to get a tattoo should be carefully considered, as well as the design that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

It often happens that the decision to tattoo was made on the spur of the moment and emotions, and after some time, a reflection comes: what was it for? In this case, decisions are often made to remove the unwanted tattoo. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to me. 🙁

1. The decision to remove the tattoo.

I don’t think I mentioned it anywhere before, but I decided to remove the tattoo I had on my shoulder blade a year ago. It was tragic, and so was the decision. This tattoo history is long, so I’ll just cut it short: it just wasn’t it.

I assume that we should identify with what we wear on the body; it’s a part of us, there’s no point in denying it, but if it’s otherwise and we can do something about it, then let’s do it. I struggled with my thoughts for two years until I finally made the best decision for me.

2. Searching for a home way to remove a tattoo

As we know, laser tattoo removal is costly, I couldn’t afford it, so I was looking for a home remedy. I looked through a lot of pages, forums, etc. And here are some interesting methods that I used, although none was as great as the tutorial.

  1. Brightening peeling
  2.  What is the lightening of a tattoo with peeling? All you need to do is prepare the right mixture:
  • One tablespoon of coffee grounds
  •  half a squeezed lemon
  •  One tablespoon of yogurt

Mix all the ingredients together and rub them into the place of the tattoo for about 5 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Healthier version – only the grounds with lemon juice, mix and rub the tattoo. Although the peeling works superficially, it has a lightening effect, so your tattoo will become brighter after some time.

  • Baking soda for tattoos
  •  Soda, like lemon, has a lightening effect. You can wash your tattoo several times a day; buttoning with baking soda alone is not very useful. It’s best to use baking soda on tattoo scars as it evens out the skin tone beautifully.
  • An exfoliating treatment
  •  You can choose from several options, the most of which I recommend microdermabrasion and JADWIGA herbal peeling (you can read about it here). Both peels are performed in a beauty salon, and they are medium-deep peels. With this procedure, you have the best chance of getting your tattoo removed. Please remember that tattoo removal treatments’ effectiveness depends on the place of the tattoo and how colorful and intricate the pattern is. Some dyes are much more difficult to remove than others, such as red.
  • Whitening cream for tattoos
  •  As with lightening peeling, creams work mainly superficially, but with such a cream, you have a chance to lighten your tattoo. The whitening cream should contain kojic acid, vitamin A or vitamin C, arbutin, and other exfoliating substances. You have many whitening creams for your tattoo, and I recommend the “standard” brightening cream – which has a strong depigmentation effect. Such an example preparation is Filorga Pigment White (you can buy it here).

Important !!! BAD ways to remove tattoos at home

Beloved, I absolutely do not recommend the tattoo removal methods that some people practice. Do not allow yourself to scar wounds, and God forbid, a lack of reason causes infection. Burning a tattoo with a cigarette, rubbing with sandpaper, washing with citric acid, or scratching (!?) Are not ways to get rid of a tattoo!

At most, you’ll get a wound or a profound scar. Keep in mind that a tattoo is a deeply embedded dye in the skin that cannot be removed SAFELY overnight !

4. a Successful eBook.

Maybe now I will explain a little more about the guide I mentioned earlier. Browsing many pages, often individual people recommended this e-book, but I was skeptical about it, but one time I found that I would try and bought it.

It cost $ 37, so it is not much compared to, for example, the price of laser tattoo removal in a professional studio. Bang! The methods were fascinating and most of all I had not seen them on the internet before, so I tried it and after a few months here is the effect:

tattoo removal before and after

5. Summary.

Summarizing my post, I’m afraid I have to disagree with the statement that tattoos cannot be removed with home methods. I personally tested it, and it worked great. Good luck with your tattoo removal decisions!

Bye !

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